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Netflix Bought the Global Right for Seinfeld and Streaming Starts from 2021

Netflix just added a new gem to his list along with Friends and The Office. The company recently announced that it was going to start the streaming of all the 180 episodes of the show Seinfeld starting from 2021. This will be another superb addition to the library of Netflix as the battle to gain more viewers continues amongst rivals. For the Indian viewers, Seinfeld can be watched on Amazon Prime Video.

Netflix suffered two massive blows during this summer as its most-watched shows were pulled back by their owners. This was done because the owners were going to stream the shows on their own streaming services.

At the end of 2020, The Office will start to stream on the new streaming services from NBCUniversal. During the beginning of 2020, Friends will be leaving Netflix and you can watch it on the upcoming HBO Max Service. For the Indian viewers, you can also watch The Office on Prime Video which will be available till 2020. So if you want then you can watch the shows on it.

While Netflix might have a headstart than its rival but with the streaming industry becoming crowded it will surely become hard for anyone to get subscribers. With the addition of Disney and Apple, it will surely feel stiff competition.

For the streaming rights of Seinfeld Netflix paid $130 million Hulu. Netflix brought Global Streaming rights for Seinfeld. NBCUniversal paid to retake the right of The Office.

All the comedy series on television is measure against Seinfeld. The rewatching of old shows is quite high and that is why Netflix decided to buy the right for Seinfeld. While Netflix is focused on creating original content and spent over $12 billion for the programming of original and non-original content.

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