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‘Negative Impact’ Note From Goldman Sachs’ Analyst on Apple TV+ Trial was Struck Out By Apple

There was a rare dust-up with Apple and Goldman Sachs Group as they were seen contradicting each other’s statement. Rod Hall, an analyst from Goldman Sachs Group criticized the methods used by Apple for the account of new TV+ product which lead to this disagreement. According to the research, the margins for profit will be quite lower.

Apple responded back to the statement saying that it does not expect any impact from the introduction of Apple TV+ to the financial results.

After that, a spokeswoman declined any comment and does not let the analyst from Goldman Sachs Group be available for the interviews. Apple also moves back from making any company on their relationship with Goldman Sachs Group at the moment.

Goldman Sachs more investment in Apple in form of bond issuances than any other bank you can find. It has an invested a net worth of $44 billion, according to Refinitiv a financial data provider

Recently, about two months ago Goldman Sachs also advised Apple regarding the mergers and acquisition which help Apple with a $1 billion deal to get the majority of Intel’s smartphone modem business.

Last month, the two of them worked together and launched the first credit card for both companies, named Apple Card.

Usually, the corporate clients respect the decisions and independence of research division but if they don’t then it usually gets the attention of media.

In May last year, Elon Musk, Chief Executive at Tesla refused to give answers to analysts regarding the requirement of the Capital required by the company. He was criticized by many analysts over the negative calls.

Services like Apple Maps were changes from the value and costs of Free services to its services segment. Earlier it came under the individual products.

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