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Leanback TV Web Interface to be Shut Down by YouTube

YouTube has finalized its decision to stop its TV-friendly web interface but the exact time or date is not specified by them. You can use the TV-friendly interface in your smart devices and many similar devices which can be controlled by a remote.

Engadget reported Android Police quoting that, if you love watching YouTube on your smart TVs using the lean-back interface then you might need to start looking for an alternative. The visitors who are visiting the portal are getting notified about the ending of the services on the official portal of YouTube. You can see a message saying “will be going away soon”.


While you can still watch YouTube but if you want to get an easier interface to watch videos then you need to start looking for another device.

You might have watched Leanback TV interface for products like Amazon Fire TV where you can use YouTube even though Google Withdrew the official app. It lets you enjoy various videos on your Smart TV without too much trouble.

While Youtube has not announced any particular reasons for the shut down of YouTube. TH discontinuation of the services can be due to several reasons. According to Android Police, this decision is made by Google to limit the number of streaming boxes and TV bases services to get access to YouTube services. In order to generate more profit from YouTube, they might need to form some agreements and terms to ensure both the parties enjoy an equal benefit.

After making some license agreement YouTube might start to provide its services to select streaming website. It will help both YouTube and the streaming services to enjoy the profit. Google is planning to take down the Leanback app soon, so you need to start looking for another device.

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