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Brad Pitt Starring in Ad Astra Calls ISS and Talks about Weightlessness and Calluses

Recently Brad Pitt called International Space Station for a promotional tour of his new movie. He talked with Nick Hague, an American astronaut, while they were talking the conversation took an unexpected turn when they start talking about the consequences of weightless life.

Hague is currently living on the ISS with two Americans, two Russians, and one Italian. He said that not being able to walk on his feet has caused the calluses on his feet to move away.

He also mentioned that he does not have any calluses on the top of his foot because he hangs on his big toe constantly.

Brad Pitt was on a 20-minute long video call via split-screen from the Washington headquarters of NASA. He said, “that’s incredible to see”.

This call which was broadcast on NASA TV was a promotional tour for Pitt for his new movie named Ad Astra where he himself plays an astronaut and was sent on a dangerous mission towards the end of the solar system.

The actor then said that Let’s Talk about me and asked about how he did in the movie and the zero-G experience. To this Hague replied that it was really good.

Brad Pitt then asked about the life of astronauts on the ISS and what is the pace of life there. He said that they had to work from 7:30 in the morning to 7:30 at night. Then he asked about who control music on ISS for which Hague replied that everyone takes their turn to play the music.

After that Brad Pitt asked Hague whether he watched the landing attempt of India on the moon and Hague replied that he didn’t watch it yet.

He asked Hague about, Who was more believed in the movie Gravity, him or Clooney?

Hague replied, “You Were, Absolutely”.

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