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Amazon Launched its Music HD Streaming Services Along With Lossless Ultra HD Audio: Price and List of Compatible Devices

Amazon announced its new Amazon Music HD streaming service. In these new services, you will be able to enjoy more than 50 million songs in HD and also millions of songs on Amazon in Ultra High Definition (UHD). The service is accessible to people who get the subscription to high quality lossless at an extra cost of $12.99 for Amazon price member and for other users it will $14.99 per month. For good quality of audio on the Amazon Music Unlimited, users need to pay around $5 every month to continue their services.

Amazon Music service is currently available in the US, Germany, Japan, and the UK. Amazon is providing a 90-day free trial to the users in these countries. The Amazon Music HD also announced a family plan in which you need to pay $19.99 per month. There is no announcement from Amazon about its launch in countries like India. The service provides the HD tracks at 16-bit audio with the lowest sample rate of  44,1kHz at 850kbps bitrate. It’s Ultra HD tracks have 24 bit of depth with the range of 44.1kHz to 192kHz at 3730kbps bitrate.

All the devices with Echo-enabled, iPhone and iPad launched since 2014, and Mac Products releases since 2013 are compatible with Amazon Music HD. It is not compatible with Google cast as of now and it will work in Windows PC depending on the type of audio player and your device.

The wireless headphones which have an advanced Bluetooth system and compatible with HD and Ultra HD playback can be used for Amazon Music HD.

If you are planning to use Amazon’s new services then you will require a large amount of data as a three and half minute song on Amazon is of 51MB and in UHD it will be about 153MB.

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